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What does WISH mean to you?

WISH (Waste Industry Safety Health) is a multi-party forum made up of organisations representing the waste and recycling industry.

Its purpose is to provide information, identify solutions and stimulate action across the industry to ensure the health, safety and well-being of those working in the industry and those affected by its activities. It works by consensus and partnership, promoting good practice, sharing ideas and solutions.


Traditionally WISH has worked to identify and drawn up solutions and guidance to health and safety issues within the industry.  This has subsequently been published as WISH endorsed guidance on the HSE website.

WISH continues to promote, publicise, facilitate and bring about implementation of the actions that can reduce workplace accident and occupational ill health incidence rates.


UKCM works closely with the WISH guidelines to address issues and safe practice regarding matters such as operation and maintenance. The company is currently working with them to develop further guidelines for the maintenance and repair of larger containers which will help the industry understand the importance of looking after larger fleets.


For more information on WISH, click here.


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